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“How To Buy a Nice Home

with NO Deposit…”


“We Help People Buy Nice Homes…Without a BIG Deposit…”



How Does It Work…Without a Deposit?


  1. We give YOU a nice home at today’s price, but YOU don’t need to come up with the BIG 20-40% deposit.  We also help you get a Bank-Loan for the other 60-80% at the same time.  First step is we will get you pre-approved with the Bank-Loan.


  1. We find Sellers who are motivated and will give you a FREE deposit of 20-40%, for up to 24-36 months, and usually with NO Repayments - NO Interest. 


  1. So the Bank lends you the BIG bit…and the Seller lends you the small bit.

This is just like 100% finance or the same as NO MONEY DOWN…


  1. Meanwhile over 2-3 years time, YOUR home increases in value above today’s price which helps grow YOUR equity.




  1. Plus you can also do physical improvements to instantly increase the value of your Home.  This includes light renovations, painting, and landscaping.  This will count towards your Equity = Renovate your Equity.


  1. Plus you will also have made extra money from work/business, or sell other assets over the 2-3 years..


  1. In 2-3 years time you pay back the Seller the 20-40% deposit by pulling out your increased Equity or from any extra cash you have in the Bank.




·         You agree to buy a home at today’s price of $400,000.

·         We get you approved for a Bank-Loan of 80% = $320,000.

·         We get the Seller to agree to lend you the 20% = $80,000, for 36 months with NO Repayments - NO Interest.

·         Within 36 months the home grows in value to $500,000. 

·         You only bought it for $400,000 so this means your home has grown in value by $100,000.

·         The $100,000 value you created out of thin air becomes your Equity to pay back the Seller.

·         The Banks will give you about 80% of the increased $100,000 Equity to pay back the Seller, so about $80,000.

·         Now you don’t need to save up a BIG Deposit the Hard Way Anymore.



“What’s Easier…Saving Up a 20-40% Deposit?


Creating a Deposit Out of Thin-air While Your Home Grows in Value?”


YOUR Benefits


ü  OWN Your Home TODAY…without the stress of saving up a BIG deposit.


ü  NOW the growth in the Home is Your Equity = Your PROFIT.


ü  NEVER have to save up your Deposit the HARD way ever again.


·         How much have you saved in the last 2-3 years?

·         How long would it take to save up 20-40% Deposit?

·         By the time you do save up deposit, how much will house prices go up?

You Can now STOP chasing your tail…

·         Which is easier (i) Growing a Deposit? (ii) Saving Up a Deposit?


ü  Usually, you only pay interest on the 60-80% bit from the Bank and not on the Sellers FREE Deposit of 20-40%.  So your normal monthly payments have dropped by 20-40% = big benefit to you.


ü  Cheapest, Fastest, Easiest, Smartest way to own your own home today. 

You do the math.


ü  How many houses can you buy with;

·         NONE of your own money,

·         NO Deposits,

·         NO Payments and

·         NO Interest. 


You probably only want your dream home.



*NO Big Deposits, NO Agents, & NO Stress…



To Qualify you Simply need to:


  1. Get pre-approved with a 60-80% Bank-Loan with our No.1 Broker in Perth.


  1. Be able to pay the stamp duty of about 4% of today’s house price.



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